On the first Sunday of every month we take the focus for missions. We understand that the first call of all believers is to go and do. Although not every member of the church is physically able to go out, we all play a part via prayer, finances, or short term trips to assist other missionaries. Each month we will focus on one missionary or group whom we support, we will take a love offering for them and, when available, we will show photos of what your support is accomplishing in the mission field.  We keep a container in the back of the sanctuary every service, where we ask you to bring your loose change through out the month or to provide a place to give your donation throughout the month. At the end of each month we will mail them a check. When available we will also show you a report or photos of what your support is doing in the mission field.

 For the month of June we're focusing on the ministry of the Titus Family!

      Jameson P. Titus serves as President of CHRIST FOR INDIA in  the United States and represents CHRIST FOR INDIA throughout the world. Some of their programs include childrenís homes (which accommodate more than 400 resident children), hospitals, a Relief/Welfare Society (which helps the poor and widows by distributing clothing), food provisions, monetary provisions to those who are unable to work due to physical handicaps, Vocational Colleges to provide unprivileged women training in computers & job placement. COTR Theological Seminary has graduated over 2,000 students completing ministerial training since their inception.  Since 1982 The New Testament Church of India has been a pioneering ministry! There are now more than 215 churches established with more than 22,200 adherents total!

Learn More at: www.ChristForIndia.org


  For the month of July we focus on Dr. Alan Taylor's ministry!

           Dr. Alan Taylorís life can be summed up as one of complete obedience unto Christ in every area. Alan's uncompromising way of teaching God's Word in depth and with revelation, yet simple enough that anyone can understand, make his messages enlightening and life changing. His teachings rivet your attention with his deeply rooted Biblical convictions and an ability to communicate the Gospel with power, signs and wonders following.

            Alan Taylor is originally from Alberta, Canada and began his ministry there at the age of 19. He has received his Bachelors of Ministry from the National Church of God and his Doctorate of Ministry from New Life Bible College, he is also ordained under Dave Roberson Ministries. For several years Alan traveled with and served Dr. Norvel Hayes, including managing his ministry, Bible College and sitting on his board of directors. Alan currently resides in Tulsa, OK with his lovely wife Christy and two children, Harrison and Ava. His evangelistic ministry takes him and his family throughout the US and to many other countries.

            Alan has a passion to see people fulfill their call and fall in love with God. His heart of compassion to turn people to God is unquestionably revealed through the commitment of his everyday lifestyle as well as his ministry. His services are filled with a presence of Godís peace that touches the lives of even the hardest heart. He has the capacity to connect with people from all backgrounds and cultures with a combination of the healing power of God and the teaching of the Word. He is a big believer that the healing power of God must be demonstrated not only in the church but outside of its four walls. Godís desire is to equip every believer to walk in His power and to have victory in their personal life.

Learn More at: www.AlanTaylorMinistries.org


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