JP Price grew up as a Pentecostal preachers, church founder and sincere man of God's son - as Pastor Paul Price's second son. Having grown up in the small town of Indiana, PA as the stereotypical "preachers kid" he did a fair share of trouble making. Though he knew he was called at a  young age to ministry he ran as far as possible to get away from the church in his teenage years. Part of it was anger, some was a hatred towards the hypocritical church culture in America, and some reason aren't worth speaking of. To make a long story short he spent his time in drugs, crime, handcuffs and court many times from the age of 13 on. At the age of 18, after grand theft auto charges, after getting to personally know every state cop in town and standing in front of every court and judge in the area multiple times, JP became soft before the Lord. God spoke to Him while he was in sin and scared JP enough he ran to hide at the Lords voice directed. Little did JP know but the police came 48 hours later to arrest him yet again for a theft which JP was set to take the fall for. Because God told him to go, and he listened, JP avoided an additional arrest on his record.

    In that moment of hiding out of town JP sobered up off the drugs which took four moths to get out of his system due to the high levels of toxicity. He got in shape, worked a local job due to a friend and began to pay attorney fees in advance. Because he recently turned 18 and was never charged with a crime as an adult yet and he was able to enlist in the Army at the advice of his legal council. JP stood in front of a judge facing 3-6 years on crimes he did commit but due to good counsel he had his enlistment paperwork in hand. The judge found favor and dropped all the charges with a few conditions.

     A few weeks later, in the winter of 2004, JP shipped out to basic training, advanced individual training and graduated the summer of 2005 as a Army Combat Engineer. After returning home for leave JP was handed his order to go to Iraq. As the date of JP's ship date drew near God brought in a new evangelist preaching the power of the born again nature. JP says that as the words were being spoken his inner man was reaching out for more such as a starving man would reach for food. Later that week during the conference, JP and his then girlfriend, Beth, were born again and Spirit filled. The evangelist stayed in town for a few days at the Lord's instructions and private counseled JP on what to do in order to press in to a deeper relationship with God.  JP was then quick shipped to Ramadi, Iraq in the fall of 2005 where he stayed until the July of 2006 - with most of his tour as a 'ma deuce' gunner on a HUMVEE and route patrol.

     In Iraq, JP spent time in prayer, short fasting, private worship, daily giving himself to scripture and confession of the Word in his life. Because of his diligence and sincerity to press into God, JP started hearing God's voice more readily and began to be lead by his inner witness. The first healing that was wrought through JP was for a fellow solider in the desert of Ramadi in the midst of a combat zone. That moment of God being able to pour through him settled within himself that he wanted more of the supernatural. It settled in him that there was nothing else he wanted in this life but to commune with the Father and destroy the work of the enemy in others lives.

     Subsequently, JP began to pray for direction on where God wanted him to go after his tour was over. God spoke to JP while in the sands of Iraq and said to move to Tulsa, OK! Oklahoma was not a place JP was even praying about because he knew no one there and had no interest in the schools of which he knew very little of there. After seeking council from his mentor he returned home, asked Beth to marry him in the airport, eloped, packed and moved to Tulsa in less than a month after getting back into the States. JP attended a local bible college in T-town for one year when God spoke yet again. He instructed JP to leave the school and plug in with a local church where he was already attending, The Family Prayer Center through Dave Roberson Ministries.  After struggling with the idea, because JP thought it was undisciplined to walk out of the school, God made it very real this was the direction he was to go just a month before he was halfway through his degree.

     After plugging in the church and leaving traditional bible college, the Family Prayer Center church began to open every morning for early prayer. Another young man named Nathan Varble was also called to that church around the same time JP was. Nathan was responsible for opening the church as early as he could. Often times 4:30-5 AM prayer would start. These young men and women would pray until it was time for work and they did this practice for years at the church. This seems to be what God desired for JP to do rather than a traditional school. It was the hours spent in prayer, fasting, private worship, daily giving himself to scripture, enacting more discipline in his life and confession of the Word which began to lay the plan and foundation for JP's calling and life with his lovely wife, Beth! It was vital to be taught moreso by the tutor Christ spoke of more than taught of any man's doctrine.

     After being in Tulsa for seven years God spoke and sent JP back to his home town. With the blessing of the ministry he was ordained and he returned to Indiana, PA. Upon arrival he was directed to a local church as an affiliated minister; Cornerstone Worship Center. Shortly after his obedience to relocate God spoke to JP with a blueprint for the next 20-25 years of his life. This lead to him founding a work to help others plant churches and be raised up to fulfill their calling through a 'School of Discipleship.' In May of 2017, a restructuring of one of the churches he helped establish, required him into the lead pastor role. This ministry is located in Blairsville, PA. Currently he has taken that church to continue the work the previous pastor left as he went home to be with the Lord. Currently JP still assists in the affairs at Cornerstone as needed by the staff and senior pastor!



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